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All Design Boxes Include:

Inspiration Board

Digital Style Board & Revisions

Floor Plan

Personalized Reference Guide

Finish Selections

Product Sourcing Guide

all items are collaborated on with your professional designer

Get a

3D Visualization 

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Accessories box

- initial 20 min consultation

- one inspiration board

- individual floor plan

- 4 digital style boards

- accessories sourcing guide 

- unlimited email contact 

- 1 to 2 week turnaround

$279/per room

have more questions?

Essentials box

- 1 hour video consultation

- one inspiration board

- individual floor plan

- 4 digital style board

- finish & furniture selections

- product sourcing guide

- one revision

- "box it up" reference guide

- custom design box

- unlimited email, text &

  instant message contact 

- 2 to 3 week turnaround 

$749/per room
Designer's box

- 2 hour video consultation

- two inspiration board options

- individual floor plan

- 4 digital style boards

- finish & furniture selections

- one 3D rendering

- product sourcing guide

- up to two revisions

- "box it up" reference guide

- custom design box

- unlimited email, text &

  instant message contact

- 3 to 4 week turnaround

$1049/per room


Q:What happens after I've identified my style and selected my package?

A:Once you’ve become an i-designbox client, you will be contacted by your personal designer within 24 hours to discuss your space further. You will start out with a more detailed online questionnaire so that we can get to know more about who you are and how you picture your ideal interior lifestyle. 

Q:How will I communicate with my designer?

A:All i-designbox clients will have access to their designer via unlimited email correspondence. Additionally, depending on your package, you will have access to your designer via instant message and/or video chat appointments.

Q:How can I upload my photos &  how will I know what measurements to take?

A:i-designbox has you covered! Once you are an i-designbox client, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to take photographs of your space and how to take the right measurements to get us what we need to create a great plan for your space.

Q:What can I expect to receive with my purchase of a design box package or service with i-designbox?

A:First, you will receive a welcome email and be on-boarded as a client with next steps outlined. Second, your designer will work closely with you to understand the functionality your space requires, your budget, and of course, the styling and final touches.  Thirdly, you can expect to receive world-class service and attention on your design.

In addition, all design boxes include:

  • an inspiration board

  • floor plan

  • digital style boards

  • a product sourcing guide 

  • color palette & finish suggestions

  • a personalized reference guide ("box it up" booklet)

If you would like to learn even more detail about the process please click here.

Q:What is an inspiration board?

A: An inspiration board is a personalized preview of your designer’s work submitted during the first phase of a design project. Think of it as a designer’s first impression of your space, based on your on the details you've given your designer. It will include items such as inspirational images, furniture, a color palette, and it will be accompanied by a description of the concept. Remember, the inspiration board is not your final design.  It’s meant to be a jumping off point for you and your designer once you’ve download her with all of your information.

Q:What is a digital style board?

Digital Style Boards will include specific pieces sourced with your budget and floor plan in mind. The board will resemble your room and the pieces will be shown in perspective and scale so you can get a better idea of how all the pieces work together.

Q:What type of budget should I have for my space?

A:That’s a great question! The room your are looking to design, the amount of furniture you intend to purchase, and any construction you are looking to do will all play a role in determining your budget. To help you decide, here are a few guidelines to go by:

Accessories Box: Look to spend from $500 and up for decor items such as: paint, pillow + rugs, bedding + throws, wall art + mirrors, tabletop items, window treatments, lighting, etc.

Essentials or Designer’s Box: Look to spend from $2,500 and up. A single room design may include:

  •   furniture

  • light fixtures

  • minor construction projects (e.g., as new flooring , built-in pieces, etc.)

  • paint and/or wallcovering

  • fixtures (e.g, hardware, faucets, etc.)

  • decor (e.g, bedding, pillows, rugs, wall art, shelving, window treatments, tabletop items, etc.) 


*These proposed budgets do not include the cost of the i-designbox package prices.

Q:What is the personalized reference guide (the "box it up" booklet)?

A:Your "box it up" booklet reference guide will be customized by your designer. It will include researched information on contractors, workmen, millworkers, craftsmen or painters in your area that have quality customer reviews and show consistency in nicely completed projects who also fall within your budget.  This guide will also give you helpful tips and tricks on prepping your space and any small D.I.Y. projects that are applicable. This part of the process may also include tutorial videos that are researched just for you.  Your "box it up" booklet is the guide you will need to help you finalize your space and get the final results you envisioned.

Q:What is a product sourcing guide? 

A:This is a comprehensive shopping list of all the final furniture pieces, lighting, home décor, finishes and accessories that you have selected during the design process. This list will include the specifications of each piece, a link to purchase each piece, and the pricing (including any shipping, handling, or delivery fees). This shopping list will be the guide to your new lifestyle!


*We at i-designbox can coordinate purchasing, shipping, and delivery for you as a separate service. Contact your designer for more information and pricing on this service. Clients local to the Atlanta, GA area may also contact i-designbox about installation services.

Q:What makes i-designbox different than other online interior design services?

A:i-designbox's design process is custom built to help that client who is on-the-go but who also wants a high quality service that pays attention to all of the details. We are able to make that commitment to our clients because we have added in some service features that unlike any other online design service out there. These features include:

- truly getting to know our client and speaking to them 1-on-1 about who they are, their lifestyle and the space they envision.

- taking the time to see your space via live video chat

- creating a process that allows you to be as included in every little detail or not as you would like. 

- finally we do a lot of the research and grunt work for you up front, such as looking for contractors in your area to get work done in your space and finding D.I.Y tutorials that will help you add your own special touch to your space.

Q:Where is my designer located? 

A: i-designbox is an online service that is available to anyone in the United States. With our exclusive online platform, we can create a beautiful design for you wherever you are! i-designbox's Chief Designer is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  If you are a Georgia resident please contact your designer for a home visit and installation help.

about us

Whether you have a minimalist mindset or vintage vantage point we can put together a space for you that will meet your needs and your budget. 

coined Design Aesthetics

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Vantage Point

Transitional Chic

Tribal Chic

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i-designbox is here to assist you in all your interior design needs. We get that life gets busy but when it's time to unwind you want to do so in style.

We are an online interiors service that will take the time to learn your style and the functional needs of your space. 


We provide you with all the tools and inspiration to take your space to the next level. We make the process interactive and help you to transition into your space with ease.

Meet your designer

My design philosophy is to surround yourself with the people, places and things that make you happy, and we can always find a way to interject style and function.  

I have been a professional interior designer for 10 years now and I have been a design enthusiast my entire life. I received my Masters degree in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and an Undergraduate degree from Spelman College.


My hope is to instill a love and respect for your space through designing stylish and functional spaces that cater directly to who you are.

Get To Know Me!

🦉I am definitely more of a night owl than an early bird but I like to start out my day with reading an inspiring or spiritual excerpt and Oprah's Super Soul podcast is definitely my jam although half the time I end up messing up my makeup before I finish applying it.

🌎 My biggest desire in life is to travel the world. I am such a visual and experiential person and I know I am on this earth for just a moment in time so I want to experience as many things that I can, especially nature, design and the multitude of cultures all around the world.

🌈 I love color! It is a form of language to me and I want to help anyone who is afraid of it to learn it and love it too.

Marisa Watson

CEO& chief designer

🎼 My favorite music is usually on a chill and soulful vibration although I have been known to turn up to Cardi for sure.

🖌🎨 I have beautiful handwriting and I love to paint...I guess that is the designer in me.

♎️ I'm a Libra and although I am not really into the "signs" I will say that I strive for balance in my life and when I'm off balance it definitely affects me.

📝 I am a "To-Do" List Queen. As artistic and creative as I am, I am also very much a planner and goal-oriented. I'm lost without my lists.

Stylishly Yours,

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