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Are You Ready to Design Your Lifestyle?

Is This You?...The "Know" Clue

I have reached the point where I am fully adulting and I know I want my space to reflect my more mature and established lifestyle but I don't know where to start.

Or Maybe This is Your Experience...

My career keeps me on the go and I often experience a stylish lifestyle, whether it be the clients I am entertaining at one of the newest restaurants in the city, the hotels I'm staying at for workshops and vacation, or the upscale lounge I went to with friends the other night; and I want my home life to reflect a similar stylish environment, but I don't have the time or the know-how to put it all together.

If Either of these Examples are You, then Maybe You are Dealing with Design Dilemmas like this...

I have a great space but it's a blank canvas and I don't really know where or how to get started.


I have a couple of pieces I purchased and spent a lot of money on but I don't now how to incorporate them into my space to make it look stylish.

Then Consider Trying the Designer's Box...

Our signature service the Designer's Box will take you through a step-by-step experience of designing your space to reflect your lifestyle.

Once you purchase this package you will:

  • First, be on boarded as a client with a personal welcome email where you will be asked to download and create free accounts with Invisions App, Zoom Conference, Pinterest and Messenger.  These will the platforms for us to exchange ideas on through your internet-accessible devices.

  • Next you will start the design process by taking a detailed client questionnaire. This preliminary questionnaire allows us to begin to learn who you are, what your project will entail and what your tastes are. I will also send you a guide on how to upload photos and measurements of your space and any inspiration images you might have. 

  • Then we will set up a video chat session, where we will be introduced, have a conversation about the design process and your style preferences, as well as a tour of the space you are designing.  This conversation and tour, along with the client questionnaire and any inspiration images you have shared with me will be all the data I need to begin to formulate a concept for your space.

  • Following the initial video chat we will schedule weekly check point sessions to discuss the progression of your design.  

  • Then you will review the design concepts created for your space in the form of Inspiration Boards. We will discuss your likes, dislikes and tweaks in this phase to be sure we are on the same page as to where the design is headed.

From Here We Will:

  • Review Your Uploaded Photos & Measurements

  • Discuss & Approve the Design Direction

  • Review the Budget & Timeline

  • Review Initial Floor Plan & Digital Style Boards. Digital style boards will include specific pieces sourced with your budget and floor plan in mind. The board will resemble your room and the pieces will be shown in perspective and scale so you can get a better idea of how all the pieces work together.

  • Discuss Revisions & Review Research on any  D.I.Y Projects or Hiring of any Contractors that are needed.

the process

Lastly, We Will Schedule a Final Design Review Where We Will Discuss the Final:

  • Floor Layout

  • 3D View

  • Product Sourcing Guide & Purchasing Options

  • Colors, Finishes & Decor Items

  • Implementation of the D.I.Y Projects

  • Contractor's Schedule (if applicable)

  • Installation Timeline

* The Process is similar for Essentials Box  with modifications to the services list.

Maybe This You?...The D.I.Y Guru

I have a creative eye and I definitely am about saving money with do-it-yourself projects but I have a couple of design dilemmas that I really need an experts help with so my space doesn't turn out looking like one big craft project gone wrong, but instead an effortless and polished space.

Does This Sound Familiar...

Designing my space is definitely #lifegoals of mine. I have been saving my design ideas and inspiration on Pinterest for a while now and I think I am ready to implement. However, I have some hesitation about the design process like 'how expensive will it really be?' 'how much will I be included in the process?'  and 'will I need outside help or are there projects I can do on my own?'

In implementing either the Essentials Box or Designer's Box the process can be catered to your level of comfort in the form of two different options.

Option 1 - You are ready to get started now! You are #allin and you even have some ideas that you are ready to bring to the table. Therefore, purchase your package NOW and we will send you the guidance on the next steps including your client questionnaire as well as reach out to schedule your video chat consultation. 

Let's Get Started!

Option 2 - You have a couple more questions or want to know even more about how the design process would work for you. Make a *25% deposit up front and schedule a start date so you are invested and committed to seeing through your design project.  Feel free to share any ideas you have swimming around in your head at this time or design dilemmas you are experiencing in the interim of your start date. We will keep this data on file for when your project begins. This option also allows you to save money and prepare for your beautifully designed lifestyle.

If you have questions as to which service or process is best for you please contact us at info@i-designbox.com or schedule a free 1-on-1 Introduction Call to discuss.

*25% deposit is non-refundable

implementing the process


services offered







Accessories Box

Essentials Box

Designer's Box

2-3 weeks

Initial Consultation

($75/hr value)

1 hr. Video Chat

20 min. Video Chat

1-2 weeks

Floor Plan

($75 value)

Product Styling Guide

($395/hr value)

Box It Up Reference Guide

($150/hr value)



Inspiration Board

($100 value)

(4) Digital Style Boards

($400 value)

Color & Finish Selections

($150/hr value)

(1) 3D Rendering

($200/hr value)

Turn Around Time

3-4 weeks




3-4 weeks



$1545 Value




3-4 weeks


2 hr. Video Chat

Schedule a FREE 1-on-1 Introduction Call where I can introduce myself and you can tell me a little bit about yourself and your space, and ask me questions you have about the process. 


you are ready!

"I did it! And I'm glad I did. Marisa carefully walked me through the process and kept a close eye on my budget throughout the process. I love my new space. I'm glad I made the decision to go with i-designbox.

- Alex Carter, Page Editor & New Homeowner 

the value my services and expertise add

  • A trained and watchful eye to be sure your dollars are going to be used on the elements of your space where you will see the most impact and really inject style into your space.

  • Guidance on how to best highlight who you are through the things you love and have collected by adding them to your space in a meaningful and stylish way.

  • Helping you to enhance the elements of your space that are already great. For example, high ceilings, detailed crown molding or original wood floors.

  • How to navigate the design dilemmas you are having in your space whether it is calling the shot and saying the old linoleum floors have got to go! Or helping you how to figure out a way to minimize an eye soar or how to work within an awkwardly shaped space.

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